A unique, exclusive formulation

Bioresin C3 is a triple-distilled pine resin of unsurpassed quality. It’s extremely pure and looks like honey. Its syrupy texture has a much lower melting point and therefore a shorter heating time than other waxes on the market.

Thanks to Bioresin C3, ÉPILLYSS waxes have the following advantages:

  • They can be used at a very low temperature
  • Their more liquid consistency allows them to be applied more quickly, in a thin layer, making them more economical
  • They do not seep through strips
  • They encourage follicular vasodilation, resulting in better adherence to hair and reduced discomfort
  • They minimize follicular swelling (red spots) and redness
  • They can be applied despite the presence of a wide range of skin conditions, in particular varicose veins, for which hair removal is usually not recommended