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Properly preparing the skin is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. This step involves disinfecting the skin thus reducing its sensitivity. Disinfecting the skin ensures that there is no barrier between the wax and the skin and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Clients will also be reassured when they feel the cooling sensation of the disinfectant, especially if the treatment is being carried out on the most intimate parts of the body.

Applying a pre-depilatory product will also adjust the skin’s temperature to prevent the wax from hardening on skin that is too cold or sticking to skin that is too warm.

For clients with very sensitive skin, applying a numbing product such as Magnolia Gel will reduce discomfort during the treatment and allow you to increase the speed at which you work.

None of our ÉPILLYSS pre-depilatory products are made without any alcohol or alcohol derivatives, and are therefore non-irritating and non-drying. This reduces sensitivity and ensures client comfort during the hair removal treatment.